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Sheree Scarabel

Sheree Scarabel is passionate about healthy eating and believes that we need to teach our children good eating habits from an early age. Sheree is the founder of Kids Strong. A healthy eating education program for children in early learning centers, to learn basic recipes and nutrition. Read on to find out more about Sheree and Kids Strong:

What is your biggest achievement in business to date?  

My biggest achievement in business to date is definitely having the courage to start my own business idea from scratch, not knowing how it would be received. Taking that first step is often the hardest.

Tell us something about yourself that many people don’t know  

I don’t just have a passion for food, I also love music. I have been playing the piano since the age of 7, and I use it as a way to relax and de-stress.

What advice would you give to up and coming young business people?  

If you’re feeling lost or stuck in business, it’s ok. The best way to overcome those feelings is to vocalise your thoughts to friends, family, other business people, or anyone who can lend an ear. Often your worries seem smaller if you speak them out loud. Also don’t be afraid to change your ideas and start fresh. There is always more than one way to do things.

How did the bursary assist your business?

This bursary has assisted me with getting my business’ name out to the public through advertising. This has been a very important step, especially being in my first year of business. It has also assisted me in being able to deliver my classes using quality props and new ideas. It has given me the freedom to try new ideas, whereas before I would have been restricted by lack of funds.

Phillip Leong assisted many young people in business, arts and sport. What contributions do you (and your business) make/plan to make to our community?  

I plan to deliver food education to the Townsville community in a variety of ways. I have been educating children at daycare centers around Townsville for the past year. I would like to continue delivering information using online platforms to make information accessible to the wider community, especially parents and educators. 

Do you have any reflections about the bursary process that could help current applicants?

During the whole application process I was very intimidated. I questioned whether I was good enough, whether my business idea was good enough, and I almost didn’t apply. However the panel are genuinely there to hear what you have to say, and offer advice and feedback. Have confidence in yourself and you can’t go wrong.

What future aspirations do you have for your professional career and/or your business?  

I am hoping to restructure the business so it is more accessible to the wider community on demand. I would like to create a platform for parents and educators where they are able to download content which they will then be able to deliver to the children. This may be in the form of e-books, online courses, and lesson plans all related to healthy eating for children.

Which local schools or education establishments have you attended?

I have attended Good Start Early Learning Centres (Yolanda Drive, Lakeland Blvd, Douglas, Village Drive), The Lakes Early learning Centre, The Giru Daycare Centre, Miniversity, PCYC Heatly, PCYC Bluewater, PCYC Townsville, and PCYC Upper Ross.