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Brent Story

Brent Storey was a recipient of the $10,000 bursary in 2014. Brent owns and runs motor cycle store Sun City Yamaha and used the bursary money to go towards doing some business training to help him further his business.  We asked him to answer a few questions about his business, and to provide a few reflections for future applicants. 

1.       What is your biggest achievement in business to date? 

Opening the new Yamaha Motorcycle Dealership.

2.       Tell us something about yourself that many people don’t know

I have ridden motorcycles since the age of 3, I am a qualified motorcycle mechanic. 

3.       What advice would you give to up and coming young business people?

Focus! Set realistic goals, form a strategy, build a team of key people (not necessarily employees) and focus on the bigger picture. It is easy as an aspiring young business person to lose sight of the direction originally intended, enjoy yourself, but don’t be distracted. 

4.       How did the bursary assist your business? 

The bursary not only provided funds to attend invaluable seminars, it opened my eyes to the assistance available for aspiring business people.

5.       Phillip Leong assisted many young people in business, arts and sport. What contributions do you (and your business) make/plan to make to our community? 

At current I support two major sporting clubs, and raise over 15k a year to donate to Canteen- the organisation for young people living with cancer. Moving forward, I want to continue supporting the community in this way, but have grand plans of working on motorcycle safety campaigns for local riders.

6.       Do you have any reflections about the bursary process that could help current applicants? 

If you are passionate about your goals, this will reflect in your application. Don’t try fooling the committee, just be honest.

7.       What future aspirations do you have for your professional career and/or your business? 

Short term I will move into stage 2 of my Yamaha business which will include a new purpose built facility. Long term I would like to move into other investments whilst never losing focus of my core business, the two motorcycle stores. 

8.       Which local schools or education establishments have you attended? 

Belgian gardens state school, Townsville grammar School. ​