The Philip Leong Youth Programme are dedicated to improving the lives of young adults in the Townsville Community who have demonstrated potential excellence, talent, skill or achievements, by giving them to opportunity to achieve their best.

Financial and Ongoing Mentoring Support will be given to young people who exhibit the potential and desire to further their talents, but who may, without assistance, struggle to achieve these goals.

Your sponsorship will help The Philip Leong Youth Programme to:

  • Financially support young adults in the Townsville Community to achieve their career aspirations
  • Increase the opportunity for young adult’s to obtain regular and successful mentoring support to further their career
  • Encourage Entrepreneurship and New Business in the Townsville Community, continuing the Legacy of Philip Leong’s aspiration for the growth of Townsville

We are incredibly grateful to the individuals, families, communities and organisations in Australia and Internationally who generously support our work.

For more information or to make be a Sponsor, please email