Philip Leong Grant Recipients

History of the Philip Leong Youth Programme

Philip Leong Founders

What is the Philip Leong Youth Programme?

Townsville City Council and the Philip Leong Family in partnership with The Philip Leong Advisory Committee created the Philip Leong Youth Programme to give young people a chance to achieve their best.

Support will be given to young people who exhibit the potential and desire to further their talents, but who may without assistance struggle.

Who was Philip Leong?

Philip Leong arrived in Townsville in 1936 as a recent immigrant from China and took up Australian citizenship and a North Queensland way of life with great enthusiasm. He was among the early Australian pioneers of self service supermarkets and made a major contribution to the commercial and economic development of the Townsville region over a period of more than 60 years. His many and varied business enterprises created employment for thousands of citizens and maintained the highest standards of ethics and service. 

Philip Leong

He was generous in his support of community based organisations. He led by example in a pleasant but humble manner and won respect as a model citizen. Philip helped to mould a multi cultural community in Townsville based on mutual respect for people of differing ethnic backgrounds. 

The Philip Leong Youth Programme acknowledges young people who reside within the city of Townsville and who have demonstrated potential excellence, talent, skill or achievements. The Philip Leong Advisory Committee comprises of individuals from varying professional backgrounds and expertise. The committee will assess the nominations and will recommend suitable candidates to the Trustees of Community Enterprise Foundation TM. The Committee will give preference to young people who possess genuine talent or skills and who can demonstrate a clear path to further their talents with support from the Philip Leong Youth programme.